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Step 2 – Fill in your Online Submission form

Head to our submission form page:

  • Enter your redemption code in the top field.
  • Enter in your details and submit your form.
  • Send your hair sample to us.

Please ensure you complete all parts of the online form as this will help our laboratory team make sure you get your results back as soon as possible.

Step 3 – Take your hair sample

  • We only require a few hairs for testing – 4 to 5 strands if hair is longer than an inch. 8 to 10 strands if shorter than an inch.
  • We test any body hair
  • When cutting the hair, please ensure you cut as close to the root as possible
  • Hair dye does not affect testing
  • Once the hair sample is collected, please place strands into a small sealable bag ensuring the hair remains dry and secure during transit
  • Place the small sealable bag with the hair sample in a secure mailing envelope

Step 4 – Send us your sample

  • Place the small sealable bag with the hair sample clearly stating your redemption code and name in a secure mailing envelope.

Addressed to the following:

CMBH Testing Facility
10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. #24329
Houston, TX 77043

Step 5 – Testing and your results

Once your sample has been received at our lab your results we will send you an email to let you know. Your results will be sent to the email address entered on the submission form within 7-10 days of this notification.